Baseball and R Controlled Vowels!

Well it’s that time of year again! We’ve spent the last two Saturdays working Little League Registration. How is it that I’m already worn out from Baseball and it hasn’t even started! This year will be my youngest son’s first year for Tee Ball..he is SO excited! My oldest is excited to “show him the ropes” and help him learn to play baseball! They are really close in age and best buddies (well, most of the time 😉 ). In the classroom, we’ve started learning r controlled vowels.

This week we are starting R Controlled Vowels. I did my room in a Pirate Theme,  using Babbling Abby’s Unit. It is the CUTEST thing. She did an amazing job with this unit. You can check it out here. I don’t know about all of you, but we are juggling incorporating a new curriculum ( C-Scope) into Journeys, and it’s quite difficult. C- Scope calls for skills in first grade that we typically do not teach until second. So it’s fun trying to pull everything together. Between C-Scope, Journeys and using Babbling Abby’s unit, I still wanted a little extra. So I created a few work stations and whole class games.  Here is a few pictures from the packet. It has four word sorts, four ABC Order activites and a bingo set. My students love FROGS and I figured I could still use it even after we finished our pirate themed. You can get your copy right here HERE

This week is another busy week around our house with Baseball registration finishing up, so until next time we will keep working on R Controlled Vowels!

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