Safari Time and a bunch of freebies~!

So we are kicking off our two week safari unit! I started by pulling all of my safari animal books out and borrowing some from the library. Here are a few of my favorites:

After we read “The Giraffe Who Was Afraid Of Heights”, we did a story sequence activity.
You can get your copy your freebie HERE for Sequencing !
Then, we did a writing activity.
We turned our safari theme into a mini research unit . The students each had one of the nonfiction books that we read aloud in class. I was lucky to find several copies of the Pebbles Plus African Animals Collection. I had a set as well as the library and other teachers. First, they brainstormed all of their thoughts on scratch paper. I let them draw circles and inside the circles they had to write one fact. Then they
wrote a mini research paper. And a little animal to color and cut out, and viola! They really enjoyed this activity!
Next, we put it all together in an official “research packet”!
For literacy centers this week, I used my Safari-Literacy-Math-and-Writing-Packet. It includes:
Literacy (8) Centers

Monkey Memory

Literacy Activities/Centers

Elephant Word Sort nouns, verbs ,adjectives

Safari True/ False

Giraffe, Zebra, & Elephant Writing Activity

Writing Prompts

Safari Word Sort IE & IGH

Safari ABC Order

Noun Word Sort ( Pronoun, Proper, Noun)

Math (2 Centers)

Zebra Addition

Zebra Number Match

Writing Research Packet

Fun Facts:

Giraffes, Elephants, & Zebras
Of Course I have to tie in some freebies 🙂
This week we are finishing up with Elephants, Lions and Zebras!
I think we have 8 Mondays left of school! I am kinda of sad, though, as I am still unsure if I will be at my school or in a whole new state. God always has a plan 🙂
Happy Teaching!

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