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Every summer I try and spend some time creating, buying and hunting for new literacy centers! I have found some ammmmmmazing centers out on the net and thought I’d share. I went through tons of blog archives on a mission…and here is what I found 🙂 I found these mostly from blogs, but I linked directly to the TpT or file so that you didn’t have to dig to find them!! Hope you can find something useful! I know I did!!!

I Love 2 Teach did a great post last year on using standard literacy centers. I like to use thematic ones, but sometimes it’s also nice to have centers that the students are familiar with. I Love 2 Teach does a great job with this center! She created centers that can be used with any store. This is a great staple to any guided reading routine! Be sure to check it out at RIGHT HERE!

She did a Making Words, Spelling, Dictionary Dig, Poetry, Partner Reading,  Read and Respond, Comic Strip Story and Listen and Read Centers. These are great! They can be used for 2nd & 3rd grades 🙂

Here are some great literacy centers:

Sight Words: 1st-Grade-Sight-Words-Dont-Get-Skunked ; Trace-Write-Glue-Sight-Word-Center ; Monster-Oops ; Staring-Sight-Words ; First-Grade-Sour-Lemonade-Sight-Words-Game ;

Word Work: Word-Work-Activities ; Mrs. I’s Word Work ; Preview-of-Hi-Frequency-and-Phonics-for-Spring ; Caterpillar-Families ; The-uck-Family-Spelling-Word-Work-Lists-Tests

Vowels : Long-O-Rock-Stars ;We-Dig-Vowel-Sounds ; Flipping-Over-Vowels-FreebieSilent-E-Word-Activity; Buzzzzing-Vowel-Sort ; Silent E Freebie from Cara Carroll

Blends: consonant-blends-chart-printable.html ;

Antonyms: Wild-About-Antonyms-Center-and-Independent-Practice ; Busy-For-Antonyms-Literacy-Center

Synonyms: Synonym-Roll-Match ; Floating-Synonyms ; Synonym-Toast-Crunch

Contractions: Contraction-Action-Contraction-Games-;Cupcake-Contractions

Nouns: back-to-school-fun-and-literacy-center.html ; Freebies for nouns

Sentences: Dog-Gone-Good-Sentences ; Beach-Time-Sentence-Scramble-Freebie ; Out-of-This-World-Cloze-Sen​tence-Practice-with-Sight-​Words

Writing: Writing Centers by HoJo ; Reading-Writing-Task-Cards

ABC Order: ABC-Order-to-the-2nd-Letter-FREEBIE; ABC-Order-Aloha-Theme ; ABC-Order-with-Penguins

Labels for Centers: Literacy-Workstation-Labels

Themed Centers: Plant Center Freebies ; Back To School Words-that-Describe-Me-Free

Printable Books: Teaching With Love and Laughter

Fluency: Fluency-Folder ; Fluency-Check-Center ; Fluency-Phrase-Spin-A-Differentiated-Fluency-Activity ; Froggy-Fluency-Anchor-Chart

Odds and Ends: digital-frame-center-freebi​e.html

Also, the amazing Laura Candler is doing a FREE Webinar! She is providing free certificates for attending the lesson! This is a great resource! Be sure to check it out HERE!

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