Cruising Through Math and Literacy Mini Packet

I had a few requests for a “Cars” themed packet! So I began trying to create something different and something that would be useful to a variety of classrooms.

So I created this Cruising-Through-Math-and-Literacy-Mini-Packet !! This packet contains a variety of skills.

*Fill it up–Even & Odd Numbers Sort
*Expanded Form Number Match
*Doubles Addition Facts
*Sight Word Race
*Speedy Word Sort (Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives)

 I’ve included a place value center that uses expanded form to improve students skills.

I love this center because most centers available now only offer recognizing the actual place, and expanded form is a skill that some students really struggle with.

I hope you will visit my TpT Store and check out my current sale!!

~Till next time 🙂


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