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As I was packing up my classroom to prepare to move across the country, I found such a great teaching tool for teaching place value that I wanted to share with you. I made this a few years ago.  My kids were struggling with understanding place value and the order that numbers go in. I’ve never had an issue with students mixing up the hundreds and the tens place like I did this year. I made enough of these charts so that the students could work with a partner to make our numbers. We discussed how each numeral has a place and the value of that numeral. This interactive tool is so helpful in teaching place value in second grade.

Resources for Teaching Place Value

resources for teaching place value
teaching place value in second grade

Hands on Place Value Math Lessons

These were so simple to make! I just used cardstock, binder rings, index cards and a hole punch. I used card stock for the back to make it sturdy. Then, I laminated it using a hard laminating film. This made a difference in how the charts held up. The ones I laminated with the soft film, didn’t make it through the year! We used these charts a lot this year! I hole punched three holes at the top.

Next, I wrote numbers out 0-9 on three sets of index cards. Then, I attached the cards to the backing using binder rings. During small group instruction, I would write a number using words only. The students had to make and stretch out the word. (I also have a set of flip charts that the numbers are in expanded form. I couldn’t find them for a picture though! Everything is a bit hectic 🙂 We also played games using the flip charts. I would use post it notes to write numbers on them and then place them around the classroom. The students would go on hunts and make the numbers they found. This really helped with the switching of the tens and hundreds place!

Place Value Math Centers

Once we developed a strong sense of place value, we work with work station mats and  task cards.

When teaching any math concepts, I also enjoy using a math read aloud. You can find out about place value read alouds here. Just an inexpensive and different way to put learning in the hands of students that I thought I would share for teaching place value in second grade!

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  1. Thank you for the wonder and simple idea!
    Since Arizona is fairly new to the Core, I am still looking for different ideas on making place value an interactive lesson for my kiddos! Using your craftivity with a partner will definitely be engaging and fun!

    I do, We Do, You Do!

  2. I love your idea! I've already made to use Monday. I also thought that you could use post its on the boards so that the students could move their three numbers around to make the largest and smallest number! Love this!

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