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I can not believe it is ALMOST *October*!  This makes me so happy, as most know, my husband is in the Navy, let’s just say the closer to the end of the year the better :))))))) Also, my son turns ***5*** this month! This is insane! He’s my baby! He can’t grow up..he just can’t!!!

As we get ready for October, this is such a great time to get ahead with our centers. Now y’all know how much I LOVE themed and skill based centers! I can not stand when students are expected to work on the same dang centers allllll year long! That must get so boring! So this is why I’ve combined my theme/skill based. What this means, I have given a theme to whatever skill I am working on. For example, if we are doing subtraction facts, then in October, my centers will be themed for Halloween or Fall. But practicing SUBTRACTION.  I do have what I like to call “Staple” centers.. these are centers I can pull out at any time and work well for my kids.

Here are a few of my “Staple Literacy Centers”.

*Synonyms-and-Antonyms-Literacy-Packet After I have taught Synonyms and Antonyms, I use these centers off and on for the rest of the year!

*Long-Vowel-Packet-10-Centers My students LOVE Four in a Row, so I’ve adopted it to fit a variety of skills, this packet targets LONG Vowel words

*ABC-Order-Sight-Word-Literacy-Centers – these are great to use throughout the school year! My students always need extra practice with both ABC Order and Sight Words!

*I also use packets from other fabulous TpT Sellers, and I will be highlighting those later this week πŸ™‚

When it comes to THEME Based Centers, I just uploaded Halloween-Math-Common-Core-Center-Packet
This packed is Aligned with Kindergarten and First Grade Common Core Standards

Math Staple Centers:

Ultimate-Math-Center-Packet16-Centers – I made this packet because I always struggle with levels on differentiation  Sometimes the smarty pants in the class  need a little extra above what the curriculum calls for. I’ve seen first graders doing multiplication like it was no big deal. So I did include a few file folder games for those teachers who may not want to purchase an entire third grade math packet, but need a few things to keep the other students engaged in their learning as well. 

Oh yea and I EXTENDED My weekend sale, it ends TONIGHT! Head on over  to my store and check it out πŸ™‚ 
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3 thoughts on “Staple Literacy Centers”

  1. Hi, Ashley!
    Your centers look so fun and inviting. I have a first grade at my house who would LOVE to play them. I may have to get them as a Halloween present. I do tend to look for any excuse to give my kids a gift. Especilly if it is educational!

    I am a centers/station fan myself. I teach 5th grade (mostly kids with special needs) and just started doing stations during math (when I am teaching ALL 5th grade not just those identified as having learning disabilities). Every single kid is thrilled when it is station day. I especially love them for kids who finish early.

    Joy πŸ™‚

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