Centers GALORE!

Hey everyone! I hope your year is getting off to an awesome start!!! I am really excited and preparing for my first 5K! I can’t wait! I hope I  can make it through! 
I’ve spent the last few days re-vamping my Ultimate Math Center Packet!! 
It includes ~20 Math Centers~
This Packet is Loaded with Centers and Visual Aides!! This packet is great for any PRIMARY classroom! Great for differentiated instruction! All Centers include a recording sheet!

*Race Into Double Facts

*Race Into Near Double Facts

*Skate Into Subtraction Facts

*Race Into Subtraction Facts

*What Time Is It? 

*Money Posters (Penny,Nickel,Dime, Quarter)

*Collecting Money

*Money Match

*Rocking Out with Even or Odd Numbers

*Some Odd Pumpkins (Even/ Odd Numbers)

*Time Wipe On/Off Cards (2 Sets)

*Place Value Memory

*Double Facts FF Game

*Apple Multiplication (3’s)

*Rock Star Multiplication (4s)

*Racing Multiplication (5’s)

*Racing Through Addition

*Expanded From Match 

*Rocking Through Expanded Form

*Number Word Matching

This packet will be on sale for Sunday and Monday!! 
Hurry over and go check it out HERE
I’m in the process of making a Ultimate Literacy Center Packet!!! Stay tuned for that!
Till Next Time

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  1. Good luck on your 5K! I did my first one in October and now I'm hooked. The atmosphere will get you through. It is very motivating to have so many runners around you. It keeps you going!

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