A look back at my week, and a look ahead!

Hey Everyone! I’m linking up with Mrs. Wills Kindergarten for a Peek At My Week! 

 So for the first time in a LONG time, I’ve been back in the classroom as a *paid* employee! I’ve been volunteering since we’ve moved, and finally got everything settled to substitute! Up until now, I kinda had that thought slip into my head…if not teaching…. “What else could I do?” Well, this week those thoughts were put to rest. There is nothing else for me except education! My first week back, was pretty amazing. I was blessed to spend it right where my heart is—Primary Grades! What a blessing it was to have the roles reversed to substitute teaching. This is so different than I ever thought! A great experience for me and I’m excited to share my experiences with you all 🙂 

The kiddos were getting into fractions in math. I was so excited to be able to plan things out. I started with my sweet friend Jen @ The Teacher’s Cauldron. Her Fraction Packet is ammmazing. The kiddos really benefited from all of the hands on activities included in this packet. I even brought it home and did a little extra practice with my little man. He loved the fraction action game! A great resource to have for teaching fractions! 

Another area we worked on this week was Long E. Who else could I count on none other than Cara Carroll! I was able to print out her Long-E-Kids-Stories-Sorts-Activities! I purchased this packet a while ago and didn’t need it at the time, so I was excited to go back and dig through it. The great thing is I was able to put everything together so quickly. 
A great FREE Resource I’ve used plenty of times Cat-Themed-SearchReadWrite-the-Room-for-Long-E-Words from Erica Bohrer

Another amazing resource I used this week was from Thank God It’s First Grade! Susan has amazing resources, and her Writing-Poetry-for-Primary-Grades is no different! This was another great resource for me to pull together so quickly!!! 

So next week, the kiddos are working on number order! I have so many resources I love for this but here are my top three fav! 
From Me 
TpT has completely changed the way I teach..in such a good way. These packets all include great resources and include such a variety of ways to assess our students learning. Such a huge part of our job, is measuring the learners progress. 
I’m *praying* so much right now that God has a plan for me since our move. I know that education is my destiny, it’s just frustrating to have it so hard to find a position. I don’t like to come off as I am complaining, because my family is definitely blessed. Thankfully, because of TpT, our family has been able to survive on one income. But it’s not the pay check I miss…it’s the kids, ah ha moments, the million questions, moments of pure learning, sweet laminating…oh wait, I got a little carried away. The point is, I miss all of it, and I’m glad to be back, even if it is as a substitute teacher. God is in control and I truly believe this. 
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