Reading Resources and Literacy Center Resources

I wanted to put together a few of my favorite resources for teaching reading! Especially the little ones, isolation of sounds is such an important step in building a strong reading foundation. 
One resource I LOVE for my reluctant readers are these puzzles from Lakeshore Learning!! I have students say the letter sound while putting it together so they can actually see how the letter stands alone. My struggling readers LOVE this activity and it also helps them build up their confidence. You can check out these puzzles right HERE

Another great resource is my printable I-Can-Make-Words-

This is hands on activity includes 10 printables for making words. Students cut letters out and arrange them together to make words. Several different levels included to meet the needs of all your students.

I just posted my CVC-Interactive-Flip-Charts!! 
I use these in my small groups. I give the students a word, and ask them to make it. You can also start with the picture, have them sound out the  word and build it. Once students are familiar with CVC words, you could also use these at a center as writing prompts. I included blank picture cards for “nonsense” words. You do not have to attach all the picture cards at once. I sometimes just use certain vowel sounds.

The pictures do not have to be in any order, as the activity should require them to make each word. They should have to move most of the parts to make a new word. 

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