Printing Tips for the Classroom

Hello friends! This is an older post that I’m updating in 2021 on printing tips in the classroom and how to teach fractions!
The pictures show my Fraction-Work-Stations-Mini-Packet-!! I made this for my second and third grade teacher friends. My little guy will use them soon as well 🙂
It’s great because it has sorting activities, memory game and bingo boards!
The funny thing is, I thought when I came to 4th grade, that memory would be too easy for them…Guess what..I was WRONG! They still show some difficulty with the concept. And I love it because it shows they are actually thinking about if the cards are equal or not…and remembering the last card that was flipped over is a great critical thinking activity! So I am now making memory games for every skill possible because my kids need this level of critical thinking!!! They might get the hang of it, after I have printed alllllll of these centers 😉
In this activity, the students have to match the fraction picture to the fraction word and numeral! This is a great way to incorporate a little reading into your math routine!!!
You can check it out right HERE!!!
I printed these activities at 50% to reduce the ink and paper usage. I highly recommend reducing the size when printing to save ink in your classroom.
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