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I wanted to share a post I did for my sweet friend Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade a while back..I wanted to share it with you because it includes some GREAT free resourse!!

Hey! This is Ashley from The Teacher’s Treasure Chest! I am so thankful my sweet  friend Denise let me stop by! 
Through blogging, I never expected to become SUCH good friends with the other bloggers. I talk to them more than I do my “real” friends. We laugh together, cry together and talk about life together. We really care about each other. It’s amazing how close we’ve all become. 

Now for the REAL reason you are here! I wanted to talk a little bit about Math Stations. A lot of times people think that centers are just for reading. So NOT  true. Students need to use engaging, hands on activities to truly learn mathematical concepts. Of course, you need to use paper-pencil activities as well. It’s a balance, and you have to find the best way that works for you and your students. 
I typically use about 6 math stations a week. Four of the stations are directly related to the skill we are learning that week. The other two are typically reinforced skills, or previously taught skills. This gives students a chance to continue working on the skills through out the year.  One skill that you can ALWAYS use in a station, is place value. Place Value is usually one of the first topics covered in the year. I use several resources for this, but one of my favorite is my 
Place Value Work Stations! This activity gives students a chance to actually build the number. I use this station set AFTER the concept as been thoroughly taught and modeled. No matter what subject, stations can not be given to the students without previous instruction. It is so important that the student has a strong foundation before we start practicing on the skill. Here is a little preview into that station packet…

You can take a better look at it here

We also use our Place-Value-Choice-Boards-

These choice boards range in difficulty so they are great for differentiation!!

Depending on your grade level, pattern blocks can also be a great math station. I love “killing two birds with one stone”, so this activity from First Grade Blue Skies is just great! She combines the pattern block activity with learning sight words! My students LOVE this. I think second graders can benefit from pattern blocks, especially when they promote higher order thinking skills. 

Another great
station that you can use throughout the year is this Time Packet.

I use binder rings  for SO many of my stations! It’s a easy way to keep up with things and to make sure cards do not magically disappear…we all know that happens sometimes 🙂 
I also have several of Denise’s activities! One of my favorites for Math Stations is Measurement Task Cards! This is another great station, that you could even store on binder rings (haha,I’m slightly obsessed!!)  Denise does a wonderful job with this product. I like it because quality measurement activities are limited and this one really promotes higher order thinking skills…and our students need that so much!!! 

I wanted to end with a list of some of my favorite FREE Math Stations! Thank you for stopping by and be sure to head over and check out my BLOG!!!

Free Math Stations:






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