Back To School Rush

Hey friends. I wanted to write a little bit about that  first week of school. You know what I am talking about..that back to school time. In this post, I am going to share some back to school tips to help the rush.
I’m kinda of *stressing out*. We officially go back August 20th…that’s not that long way, so I should be enjoying the last few weeks of summer…right?!?! Well, I would be, but my entire classroom is in boxes..on our STAGE!! They had to do some work in and around my classroom, so I had to pack everything up! And I’m totally worried about not having enough time to get it ready..but I gotta quit stressing’ and hand it over to God. That’s my plan. I’ll let you know how that works haha! Keep reading for all of my back to school tips. 
So in the meantime, I’ve been working on things from home that I know I’ll need this school year. One back to school tip and  classroom management system I wanted to implement is checkpoint take home folders.  In our district, we give checkpoints for Math, Science and Social Studies. I wanted an easy way to document that parents were aware of these scores.  I made these little folders for each student so that I had a quick and easy way to send home grades.  I added these to an existing product, my Classroom Forms Mega Binder. The ones shown use SOL’s, but if you are not in VA, I’ve included a blank one to fit your needs 🙂

Grading System and Documentation 

back to school tips
back to school tips  classroom management tips

Classroom Decor  

My next little project is a little cosmetic surgery to my old “catch all” bin 🙂 I just used Chevron Duct Tape that I found at Target for $1.99 in the Back To School section!!
back to school tips and decor
After that, I redid my table caddies. I found these little dolls at Wal Mart for $3.00!!! I use so many of Erica’s Chevron resources, so I just used a little washi tape and her Bright-Chevron-Table-Signs! I LOVE how they turned out! 
back to school tips classroom decor
Back To School Classroom Decor Ideas
You can check out Erica’s Labels Right Here!!!
Now I’m on a mission to add to me ever so growing center  collection! 
I’m lovin’ my  latest creation–Back To School Literacy and Math Fun! It’s loaded! This one shown is an ABC Order activity! My kiddos always love these! 
I gave my Place Value Centers a little face lift!
I was cutting these out and my little one said he wanted to put them together–I was kinda of shocked..but I said “sure, go right on ahead”!!! He loved them! 
My little Trixie girl decided to get in the action! 
Trixie girl is holding down the fort with our Place Value Centers
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