Teaching Shapes and Patterns

The past two weeks we’ve been diving into teaching shapes and patterns! I tell ya, this is not my favorite math standard to teach. Just because it seems to be so easy and there’s only so many ways you can describe a shape!!! Maybe that’s just me ūüôā¬† Nonetheless, here are a few ideas about teaching shapes and patterns.¬†
I had to find some different ways to teach geometric 2d¬†shapes. We used¬†Linda’s Product “What Does The SHAPE Say”. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of the anchor chart! So CUTE! The kids loved it and I feel like it really help spark their interest in “shapes“. We were always saying “What does the SHAPE say” and then that high pitch lithe noise that goes along with it haha.¬†
The kids really enjoyed this activity. We essentially just built ¬†the ¬†2D shapes with q-tips! ¬†The kids really enjoyed bending the q-tips to create the shapes. Couldn’t believe how much fun the kids had with this! This was so good for students who struggle with paper pencil math tasks.
Teaching shapes and pattern ideas


You can get this for free RIGHT HERE!

Next, we learned about sorting shapes by different attributes. Sorting is such a hard concept sometimes because they often only want to sort by color or size. Our standards require that students are able to sort the shapes by color, size, thickness and shape.

Teaching Shapes and Patterns Free File

I created this little sorting center for my kiddos to get a different approach to sorting shapes. 





You can grab your FREE  copy HERE!! 
We use read alouds in EVERY subject, every single day! While I think it is important to use read alouds, I often can only find a few books on the topic verses enough for 10 days. So I made my printable books to give my kiddos exposure to different types of print.
We used my printable¬†Shape Book. This packet comes with some printables to link literacy to math. I’m all about using cross circular items!!
Since I just posted this book, it’s on SALE until tomorrow ūüôā Check it out right¬†here!
 Pattern Math Centers
We are now diving into patterns. ¬†The kids are loving making their own patterns. At first, we just used the¬†cards¬†to create our own patterns. But the cards would fall and they’d lose them. I feel like the kidods just needed some guidelines. So I laminated a sentence strip and applied velcro! Ohhh my goodness! What difference this made! They were actually making patterns, touching them, and then labeling them with a expo marker! I was in love! Something so simply yet made SUCH a difference.¬†


You can check the cards and much more out right here! My Pattern Kit is also on sale! 
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