Teaching Time in the Primary Grades

Telling Time Activities for First Grade

I wanted to  share some math strategies I found that really helped during our telling time unit.  My co-teachers and I found these tips really useful for teaching time in  first grade.

teaching time in the primary grades

First graders often struggle with telling time, so I wanted to come up with a few different ways to introduce this skill. My anchor charts are usually so ugly, but I feel like they are productive and accomplish the overall goal. I like to complete them with my students and have them fill it certain parts so it’s not just something hanging on the wall. I find when they participate in creating the charts,  they take ownership and it sinks it a little bit better. So I created this premade anchor charts that we could fill in together.

The kids really enjoyed the graphics and seeing the information in a different way than the typically parker-yellow paper format.   This little packet includes a variety of charts. I used the poster printing function to print and then I just laminated it and boom! DONE! I used a few of the other pages as well and also used them as interactive notebook pages! Kids LOVED them using them because they were so interactive and hands on.

telling time anchor charts   

I know I’ve said this before, but I love using read aloud to introduce my lessons. I started with this time read aloud. It’s great for introducing key vocabulary and it’s very kid friendly!  

Then we started with our math centers. You can check those out here. We used centers from my time bundle. The kids LOVED the variety of activities and they are so easy to prep! 

telling time task cards
telling time task cards


Math Activities for Telling Time

This activity was fun to do at my teacher table first. We did a few problems together and then the kiddos completed the rest during math centers. They really loved them. They were engaged in the entire time they were working. They actually asked me to create a second set, so I did! I was shocked!

In this activity, students can use the anchor charts as a reference while completing the different ways to measure telling time.

telling time worksheets for first grade
telling time anchor charts

ALL of these activities and MORE can be found in my Time Bundle and it’s on SALE! Just click the image below!   post signature

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  1. I'm almost finished with my telling time unit, but I'm going to purchase your bundle and use it as review through the rest of the year! I'm very excited to find it!

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