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Hey friends!I’m so excited to link up with my friends over at GoNoodle! I’ve used GoNoodle in my classroom for the past two years and absolutely love it! The best past is…my STUDENTS love it! 
Let’s GoNoodle! 
I use Go Noodle a little differently than some others. At the beginning of school,  we try out the different ways we can have a “Brain Break” in my classroom. Then, we make a list of our top five favorite GoNoodle brain breaks! I do not have pictures from the last two years, but we start back Tuesday, and I’ll post pictures on my blog or Instagram. After we make a list of our #Top5, we use those activities for brain breaks for a few weeks. Then, we start over. Each time we start over, we can only reuse ONE of our previous favorite brain breaks. This way, the kids have to get creative and think outside the box. They can’t just keep picking the exact same five brain breaks.  As the year goes on, we will incorporate our list into our writing. It’s a great way to give the brain break a little extra meaning. We’ve also made graphs of our favorite brain breaks. I call each activity on GoNoodle a “Brain Break” in my classroom. 
My personal favorite is the 123 Shake. I ALWAYS start with that one! It’s easy for us *older* people to maneuver and not look like a fool!! Haha! 
I have a Plus Account and it is SO amazing! I didn’t have it the first year and upgrading was the best decision EVER! 
GoNoodle is letting me give a little discount to their Shop! Use the code BTSwithGoNoodle and get your #GoNoodleSwag! I’m excited about my GoNoodle Champ Tee!!

Do you use GoNoodle in your classroom? Comment below with how you use it or your favorite activity!
For your chance to win your own CHAMP TEE:
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