My Journey as an Upper Elementary Teacher

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So, we’ve been SO busy the last 10 weeks that I haven’t had a chance to mention all of the changes that have happened. We ended school in VA on June 20th. We packed all of our belongings up on the 21st and moved south on the 25th! We spent most of July by traveling and visiting family before we finally settled in. I started my new job on July 25th! So we had a very brief, but fun summer! I was pretty nervous about making the jump from my comfort zone (primary grades) to the big, scary world of fourth grade! We are only three eight weeks in, and can I tell you how much I LOVE THE BIG KIDS??!?!? They get my personality, they roll with the punches, and most of all, they still LOVE SCHOOL!! For some reason, I had it in my head that they do not like school past third grade! I was WRONG! They are witty, quick and just plain fun. They get my weird personality. Fourth grade is a whole new world, but man, I’m loving it so far!


Here’s a peak inside my new classroom!



Give students a visual aide of expectations. 
My students really needed some math intervention in order to close foundational gaps I was finding in their number sense skills.  We spend a lot of time on place value skills so that they really understand how to break apart larger numbers. 

These activities were so great for small groups! My students practiced building numbers. When I came to the intermediate grades, I wanted to bring the mindset with me that students still needed to use manipulatives in math.

I found these jumbo post it pads at Target and we put them to use right away! We started our vocabulary maps before reading. We defined the word and discussed it’s meaning. I encouraged them to point out when they come across the word in the text. During reading, if the students find the word, they would write the “example from the text”. Next, the students would finish reading. After reading, they would identify a synonym and antonym of the word.
In this activity, students are using colored dominoes to build numbers. They can practice building numbers and place value skills literally everyday and develop a different number each day! 


We’ve had a blast so far and I’m excited to share this journey with you. Since I’ve not had as much time (like that exists), I’ve been sharing a lot on my Instagram  and Facebook pages on what we’ve been doing.

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