Books for Teaching Place Value

Most of my career, I’ve worked in the primary grades setting. Even the few years I worked in an upper grade classroom, I still tried to use as many math read alouds as possible.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite read alouds that I’ve used during my place value units. The best part is, I’ve used all of these books in a variety of grade levels! So let’s chat about books for teaching place value

books for teaching place value
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Books for Teaching Place Value 

This is a really easy reader. The book is really more appropriate to read to a Kindergarten or First Grade class.  I use this as my first book to introduce place value. I’ve used in in K-2. It’s perfect in 2nd as a review of the skills students have already learned.
After reading this book, I put it back into my math bin. 

A Million Fish More or Less

This is an excellent book to teach place value skills and give students real word application. It’s a bit of a stretch for students to imagine or visualize a 500 lb turkey, but it gives them the opportunity to do that! I always tie visualization in with this story. This book is also very humorous so I’ve been able to use it with a variety of grade levels. I’ve read this book to my students in 2nd- 4th grade. Also, it allows children to start to picture numbers outside of a math worksheet.  My students loved the characters and the twists throughout the story. This is a MUST have for your classroom!

Billions of Bricks 

This is a great book for the students who are beginning to develop a sense of numbers. I enjoy reading this book to my Kindergarten- Second Grade students. The author does a great job of showing different counting patterns throughout the story. I love picking books that relates to different children. For me, my reluctant readers always enjoy this book!

Sir Cumference and All The Kings Tens

                                                                                                                                                     place value books for third grade

In this book, students get exposure to counting by tens, hundreds and thousands. Throughout this creative and fun story, students learn about grouping and how numbers work together. I use this book as a preview to our place value lesson and sometimes at the end of my lesson. I find that this series of books relates to most kids. Even my students who are not excited about reading, get excited about these books!

After our math read aloud, we go into a quick mini lesson on the skill or our math centers. I wanted to share some of my favorite math centers  for place value that we’ve used this year! These centers range from 1st to 4th grade!

place value task cards
place value math centers using dominoes

This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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