Free Reading Assessment

So many things are unknown for the start of fall. COVID-19 has flipped our educational system upside down. One thing I can’t stop thinking about is what about our struggling kiddos? If we don’t go back to school or if we do go back, how will we know where to start? Well, we will start with a free reading assessment. By doing these reading quick checks, you will be able to determine their instructional gaps.

FREE Reading Quick Assessments

Reading assessments can’t wait until the fourth or fifth week of school this year. Let’s do some really quick checks with kids so that we can determine their phonics deficits FAST. Teachers this year are faced with a difficult challenge, because not only to you have summer learning loss to deal with, but you have to navigate through COVID-19 Learning Loss.

Although this year will be totally different than any other back to school season, it’s important to reflect on strategies and activities that we’ve used in the past so that we can brainstorm ideas for the future.

We will chat in our Facebook Group about what tips and tricks are helping, so be sure to join so that you can get ideas and collaborate with teachers in the same position as you are. I also created a list of ideas that you might need for distance learning.

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I took my short vowel word work packet and put the centers in individual photo boxes to help create an independent center box. My idea is that kids have something to work on while I pull one student at a time. Since everything is laminated, I can clean these centers easily. I can also send these literacy centers home if we go back to distance learning.

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