Burned Out Teachers

As I sit here in the Atlanta airport I’m thinking about how many conversations I’ve had with teachers lately about how to “fix” education. What is the answer to funding, overcrowded classrooms, lack of support and the sinking feeling like we are not doing enough?

I wish I had the answer to that question friends. I wish I could sit here and give you 1,000 reasons why educators should continue to fight.   I’m a everyday classroom teacher just like all of you. I’m a mother, a wife, active member in my church and (sometimes) a gym rat. 
I struggle just like everyone else to find the balance. How to be the best mom, wife, teacher, church member and keep myself in shape. While I haven’t figured out the perfect equation to doing that..I have had my own “ah ha” moment. I’ve experienced a lot in this last year in my personal life. It has drawn me closer to Jesus and I’ve realized that most cliche thing ever. Seriously. It’s just this: Life is too short. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow. You’d think I would have learned that by now in my old age of 29.  And even though I’ve had tragic experiences in my life…I’m just now finally, believing these silly cliches….”Life is too short.” “Everything can change in an instant”. “Live life to the fullest”
We have to remember that we are humans. We have a life outside of our classroom. Our family deserves our attention and we should not get so caught up in the our work that we forget that. Our job is not like others. We can’t “punch out” and come back the next day and have everything run smoothly. It’s the downfall to our job. Every job has them….
Which brings me to my next point.. So if we know that we have to have a life outside of our classrooms, and that may hinder us from being able to accomplish everything we want to accomplish…..

We have to learn that we will never be able to give 200%, 200% of the time. It’s just not realistic. We should strive to do our best and give each lesson all we can. But we can’t expect that everything will always go perfect. Because it won’t. No matter how much planning you put into it or what the lesson plans say….sometimes we have to….
Yes, I just did that. I know. And I’m sorry. Couldn’t help it. Seriously. Haha!
I know this is an odd blog post…but with all the heartache and stress in my everyday classroom life, I felt like I should share so we can know that we are not alone in this career. Blogging has brought so many wonderful educators into my life and I am so thankful for that. I’m a better educator because of the virtual collaboration that goes on. Tonight I’m remembering why I became a teacher, and why I want to remain a teacher…probably the same reason you do…the KIDS! 
Here’s to a stress free week and to remembering why we became educators!
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  1. Amen, sister! Let it go! Balance is my One Little Word this year and it's oh so hard. I drop the ball in my professional and personal life more than I care to admit. Being a person is hard, let alone teacher, wife, mother, friend, you get it. So thankful that I'm not alone in this struggle!

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