Math Intervention Activities

Hey friends! I don’t know about y’all but the end is near! We have about 5 weeks left of school..FIVE! Seems like the year has just flown by. In today’s blog post, I wanted to share about math intervention activities.

Math Intervention Tips

I wanted to share with you some math interventions that really helped our lessons in math become easy for us!  I’ve used this year. As y’all know, I follow a guided math model in my classroom. My student are working in math stations or centers while I’m working with student who struggle in the target  skill. With some of my students, I practiced number sense all.year.long. It has helped them grow into strong little math stars!
We’ve used this Math Intervention Binder this year and it’s been a huge help. Best part is, there’s very little prep! I just printed it and stuck it in page protectors. It’s so great for small group or one on one instruction. My favorite thing about this binder, is that when it comes to data, I always had a list of the interventions I’ve tried. The neat thing about teachers, is that we ALL do interventions and we all have our own little tricks that help. So I feel like you can never have enough because you never know what will work for each little friend.

Math Intervention Binder

This Math Intervention Binder is divided up into the following sections:
Number Sense, Shapes, Patterns, Place Value, Addition Strategies, Subtraction Strategies,  Graphing, Greater than/Less than, Time and Money! I started at beginning of the binder and worked my way through each page with my RTI students. This way I have direct documentation to specific interventions I’ve used. It makes data collection SO much easier!

Inside the Math  Binder

This activity is so helpful because the students can visually see the number and the different ways we can break it down. The great thing is, you can use ANY number you want! I have used a variety of manipulative for this, but by far, my kids love using the big buttons. I have no idea why, but hey, it works so I use it!!  In this activity, we practiced building the number 7 in a variety of ways. Likewise, I wanted my friend to see all of the different ways we can make the number seven. Using two different color manipulatives helps too.
I want my students to develop a very strong sense of numbers. They should be able to explain what each number means and the different ways you can create it.I like to let them use their imagination on how many different ways we can get the same number. Let them talk, and let them explain what each number means!!  Once they get this, they are able to blossom in the other strands of math.
The activity above is great because we combine reading with math. Before this binder, my students always struggle with reading and writing number words. We start these activities in the beginning and they are consistently using these skills throughout the year!!
The point and say activities are great because of the variety of numbers included. Reading numbers is so important to developing a strong understanding of number sense.
The counting pages are also so helpful! It’s nice to have everything in one spot and to be able to decide the pages you want to use.
Addition strategies are my favorite! My kiddos LOVED these!

Number Sense Practice for Students

*Number sense- breaking down numbers and understanding what numbers mean, counting, recognizing and identifying numbers, writing numerals to 10, writing numbers to 20, 30, 50, and 100, describing numbers, skip counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s , color and count, dice number recognition, number words, find and color, and many more!
*Shapes- Students will work on identifying 2d shapes. Shapes included: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, heptagon, star, heart, diamond, oval. (10 Pages)
*Patterns~Pattern Anchor Charts, Create a Pattern, Pattern For Square (10 Pages)
*Place Value- Hundreds, Tens and Ones number practice, anchor charts, break it down practice pages

*Addition Strategies~ Addition assessments, Zero’s the name, Addition Allie, Draw it!, Doubles, Doubles plus one 

*Subtraction Strategies~ Subtraction Sam, Number Line is All Mine, and Draw it, subtraction assessments

*Counting Coins~ Coin posters, coin match ups, individual counting mats, individual coin counting, combination coin counting, and more!  

 The money section includes 25 pages.  The visual aides and desk references are great for students who need a lot of visual cues and support. 

I used this in the binder AND as a desk reference for some of my kiddos.
We practiced counting coins nearly ALL year long. Next year, this will be a skill I start right away instead of waiting until after Christmas. I thought  that by starting after Christmas I would still be ahead of the pacing guide, so my kids would have more time to practice..but I think they would benefit from starting at the beginning of the year to give them more time with this difficult concept.

*Telling Time~ Students have a variety of ways to practice telling time and a fun little story to go along with your intervention groups!

Click HERE or any picture to go check out the binder.
Here’s another look inside our binder
Our  second grade math binder has many of the same concepts. Our second grade teachers have really seen a lot of growth using this binder.

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