Trauma in the Classroom

trauma in the classroom

: a deeply distressing or disturbing experience. Let’s talk about T R A U M A. Trauma in the classroom is something that we don’t want to talk about. We aren’t guidance counselors, right? WRONG. I firmly believe for students with traumatic experiences to be successful, we had to meet them where they are. How …

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Fall Classroom Ideas

Fall Classroom Ideas

It’s September in Florida. As much as I’d like the weather to feel like “fall”, it’s not so much. However, we are pretending in the classroom! I’m sharing some fall classroom ideas down below for teaching reading. These fall literacy activities are split with Kindergarten/First and Second/Third. We will also discuss some of our favorite …

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Five Back To school Tips

back to school tips

It’s that time. It’s actually past that time around my parts but the life of a busy mom, educator and blogger has just gotten the best of me. I wanted to share a few back to school tips that have helped me over the years. Back to School Tip #1 The first back to school …

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Classroom Must Haves

top classroom must haves

Classroom Must Haves Hey friends. I wanted to share some of my favorite classroom must haves. These are items that have made my life as a teacher so much easier. What are some of your classroom must haves? Send me a message here! This durable and chic laptop sleeve is a life saver. I don’t …

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Engaging Classroom Learning Games

fun and engaging classroom learning games

Fun and Engaging Classroom Games for the elementary classroom. This post is full of fun and engaging classroom learning games to learn difficult concepts. Classroom Fun and Engaging Games – Toss A Ball For this fun classroom activity, call out a spelling word. Next, toss a small ball to a student. If the student spells …

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Summer Reading Tips for Parents

Summer Reading Tips Wow! It’s already June 2021- Can you believe it? I feel like the 2020-2021 school year…well..nevermind. I’m not going there! Regardless of how difficult of year it was, we still have work to do. Students need to be reading more this summer than ever before. So I’ve put some summer reading tips …

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Take Home Reader Kit for Free

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you a tip that I use with my students. Parents are often asking me: Teacher, how can I help my student at home? My response is always: Read with your students every single day AND let’s try a free take home reader kit. So, I created this letter. …

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Teaching Compare And Contrast

Compare and Contrast Text Structure

Teaching is an important part of education, and there are many different approaches that teachers use to teach students. This post will explain how to teach compare and contrast in order to help students learn better. Students’ Motivation to Learn. There are three main reasons why people learn. They’re motivated by interest, fear, and desire. …

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Distance Learning Ideas

Distance Learning Resources

Teaching During COVID-19 Well, 2020 has been such a crazy ride. We are almost (maybe not) getting used to our new normal since COVID-19. Online education used to be something for college students and maybe some high school. Overnight, distance learning became a new way of life for every student. Even kiddos as young as …

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Ecosystem Lessons for Third Grade


Ecosystem lessons for third grade are really hard to find. I don’t know about you all, but sometimes I find it hard to find resources for science or social studies. When I teach my third grade students about ecosystems, I wanted them to have a reading standards based method to learn about ecosystems. In conclusion, …

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Teaching During Covid

Teaching During Covid

Our lives as we know have been flipped upside down since March. Teaching and life in general just hasn’t been the same. First, we were throw into virtual teaching and now some of us were thrown into teaching on campus with limited to no resources. I wanted to share a few things that I’ve found …

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